"A Strong Business Minded Leader
for Uncertain Economic Times."

Dear La Palma Residents, some of you have received an anonymous flyer that containes serious lies about me and my candidacy. I am running to represent and to serve the WHOLE La Palma. Some suggested that I put out a response but I trust that La Palma voters are smart enough to know that it is a poor case of DIRTY POLITICS. We actually caught the guy who was delivering the flyer and found out who hired him. I plan to address this disturbing issue some time in near future. Again, thank you for your support and encouragement during the campaign.

"Having Steve on the City Council is what this city needs; he is intelligent, thoughtful, articulate and concerned about all of our residents."
Keith Nelson
/ Former Mayor - City of La Palma

STEVE is ....
  1. A Loving Husband of a public school educator of twenty years
  2. A Loving Father of three wonderful sons who were born and raised and attend(ed) public schools in La Palma.
  3. A 20 Year Home Owner & Community Leader in La Palma.
  4. Served as a Sunday School teacher and lay leader of a local church.
    • Steve Hwangbo has a plan to make La Palma even better:
    • Fight Against Wasteful Spending

    • Make Sure the Budget is Balanced

    • Work with Police and Fire to Keep La Palma Safe

    • Continue to Improve Aging Infrastructure

    • Partner with Schools to Make Education a Priority

    • Expand Recreation Opportunities for Everyone

    • Revitalize Retail Shopping in La Palma

    • Expand and Improve Recycling in La Palma

      Attract and Retain Quality Businesses to Generate Tax Revenues and Jobs

      Enter into Joint Usage Agreements with School Districts to Expand Recreational Facilities for La Palma Residents

  • A Seasoned Businessman / Entrepreneur (over 30 years of successful experience in corporate world and entreprenuership.)
    - USC Graduate School of Business Administration
    - U.S. Chamber of Commerce
    - La Palma Chamber of Commerce
    - Cypress Chamber of Commerce
  • An Engineer (A problem solver)
    - UCLA B.S. Engineering
  • An Effective Fund Raiser for the Community
    - President of Oxford Academy Foundation for over five years. (Oxford Academy is ranked #4 in the nation and belongs to Anaheim Union High School District)
  • A Community Volunteer:
    - Kiwanis Club of La Palma
    - La Palma Chamber of Commerce
    - Neighborhood Watch District Coordinator & Board Member
    - La Palma Activities and Beautification Committee (CAB)
    - PTA member (Steve Luther & Oxford Academy)
    - Relay for Life (American Cancer Society)
    - Kennedy High School Scholarship Foundation
    - La Palma Day Activities Committee, ...etc.
  • An Advocate for Quality Education
    - Steve Luther Elementary School Site Council
    - Oxford Academy Site Council
    - Anaheim Union High School District "Friend of Education" Award
    - Anaheim Union High School District Surplus Property Advisory Committee
    - Oxford Academy Foundation
    - Kennedy High School Scholarship Foundation, ...etc.
"If you want someone who is an experienced and proven leader and is deeply rooted and fully vested in our community to serve as your councilman, elect me in November."
  1. Prudent financial management is extremely important. Also, as an aging city, we need to maintain streets, sewer lines and water lines well.
  2. Our retails centers need to be revitalized so that the residents have improved retail options and to keep sales tax revenue in La Palma. It will also ultimately raise the home price.
  3. Public safety is critically important.
  4. Our city has already become very diverse. Our challenge is how to become a harmonious community and I am uniquely qualified for this challenge. 
  5. Many of you told me that the most council members stop communicating with the residents after they get elected. I believe you HAVE to continue to communicate with the residents in order to do effective job as a council member. Our city's organization chart clearly shows that the city coucil works for the residents.
  6. I have an extensive education, training, experience with various technologies. We live in a technology dependent world. I will make sure that our city utilizes right technologies to provide convenient services to our residents.
  7. I believe that ALL La Palma children should be able to attend the schools in La Palma. There are five school districts represented in our small city because the school district boundaries were drawn before our city was organized. However, we should continue to work with all involved parties to resolve this complex issue with the best interest of the children in mind.
  8. When an incumbent runs for re-election, it is time to make him/her accountable. Discussing his/her record is not dirty politics.

free 2 column website templateOver 30 years ago, while I was attending UCLA, my parents moved to Cerritos and I often played basketball with my friends at La Palma Central Park and I got to know La Palma as a very nice small city. When I got married and our first child was born at La Palma Inter Community Hospital, we've decided to raise our family in La Palma. We've been home owners in La Palma for almost 20 years now and all our three boys were born in La Palma and attended public schools in our community. While growing up, our sons participated in various programs offered by the City and they played little league baseball with Continental Little League.

We owe so much to our community and I want to give back to our community. I did not decide to run for City Council for the title or for recognition. I am running to serve OUR community. With my various successful experineces and knowledge, I will do my best to make our community BETTER.

"I am not running for public office - I am running to SERVE the public."

Steve will work closely with Police and Fire to Keep La Palma Safe.

"I've met a lot of city officials through the years, and Steve Hwanbo is the real deal. When there is an obstacle in his path, he finds another way to get things done. He wants to make a difference, and he's proven that."
Jan Jensen (La Palma resident since 1976, A retired ABC school teacher)


"Steve Hwangbo works closely with me on issues that impact our local schools."
Ed Royce, U.S. Congressman (7/2010)


"Steve and I agreed that government should not spend more than what it takes in."
Jim Silva, California Assemblyman

For 20 years, Steve has been working hard to make La Palma a better place for our kids to learn, a safer place for us to live, and a better place for businesses to succeed.

"I will continue to do what I've already been doing - working hard for La Palma."

Election Schedule

November 2, 2010 - Election Day

Oct 28 - Close of registration

Oct 4 to Oct 26 - Registered voters may apply for a vote-by-mail ballot.